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The Cutter Edge: Lessons for Innovators and Disruptors!

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18 July 2017

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Lessons for Innovators and Disruptors!

by David Wortley

The impact of disruptive technologies on existing business models can be very powerful. This case study illustrates those opportunities and threats that are capable of building and destroying today’s companies and their business models. More

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The Complex Levels of Architectural Understanding

by Roger Evernden, Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortium

Architectural understanding informs and guides everything we do to manage the evolution of an enterprise architecture. But when our thinking is challenged at different phases of the process, we turn to these strategies ... More.

Call for Papers: Agile Leadership: The Foundation for Organizational Agility

How can agile leadership help organizations achieve agile transformation success? Send us your article ideas for publication in an upcoming Cutter Business Technology Journal!

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