On the Road to Software Development Automation: 20 Potential Disruptors

Posted May 16, 2019 in Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence
On the Road

Many technologies exist today that have the potential to change the manner in which we get work done. Currently, the software developer job is heavily labor-intensive. Yes, we use software tools to perform many of the repetitive tasks; however, for the most part, the programming job is performed by highly talented individuals who specify, design, code, and test complex pieces of code and make them work. We have attempted to automate such tasks, but we can best characterize current efforts as assistance (helping workers by providing guidance and information) rather than automation (replacing humans with machines). In this Advisor, we identify 20 technologies that have the potential to alter this picture in both the near and long term. Some present opportunities, while others will disrupt our environments. And some will fall on both sides of that equation.

About The Author
Donald Reifer
Donald J. Reifer is recognized as one of the leading figures in the fields of software engineering and management, with more than 40 years of progressive management experience in both industry and government. He has built businesses, managed key programs, and led major R&D initiatives. Mr. Reifer is often called upon by clients to review troubled programs, examine red team proposals, and perform competitive assessments with an emphasis on… Read More
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