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The Cutter Edge: Misunderstanding the COBOL crisis, DevSecOps red flags, automotive industry tips ...

Posted May 20, 2020 in
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20 May 2020

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Misunderstanding the Need for “COBOL Programmers”

The sudden increase in unemployment claims has highlighted an enormous problem that has been lurking in our information infrastructure for a long time as systems running on outdated COBOL try to keep up with today's demand. More!

DevSecOps Red Flags: Avoid These Implementation Mistakes

What companies fail to do proactively when addressing data security needs is likely to sink DevSecOps efforts and create a greater chance of organizational threats and risks. Find out how to avoid these mistakes. More!

Proactively Manage Risk with AI and Machine Learning: Part 3

Part 3 of this webinar series examines risk-driven operational planning, including how to use AI/ML technology in practice, best practices for communicating risk and mitigation strategies, rebalancing globalism and outsourcing, and more. Register now!

Preparing for the Post-Corona Era: Tips for the Automotive Industry

The “new normal” for the automotive industry will look very different from that of the last decade. Discover the actions carmakers should take now to set themselves up for the new normal and win in the post-corona era. Register now!

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