The Cutter Edge: The Path to a Successful Business Architecture Practice

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The Cutter Edge: The Path to a Successful Business Architecture Practice

The Cutter Edge
Posted August 23, 2016 in

23 August 2016

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 New from The Cutter Edge

The Path to a Successful Business Architecture Practice

by Whynde Kuehn, Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortium

Establishing a successful, sustainable business architecture practice is a journey that takes time, especially within large organizations. This article shows a practical and well-tested path to accelerate the process of establishing and maturing a practice. More ...

Ransomware Rising

by Curt Hall , Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortium

Ransomware works by infiltrating an organization's systems and encrypting sensitive files and data. The data is then held for ransom by hackers who demand payment — typically in Bitcoin or some other digital currency — before they turn over the key required for its decryption. More ...

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Securing the IoT: It Takes the Global Village

Explore the different threats IoT devices are exposed to and get practices and security measures for thwarting these threats — download this complimentary article now!

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Call for Papers: Fintech and the Digitization of Financial Services

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