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If you’re like many business-technology professionals, you’re investing in your own professional development, augmenting the tools and resources your enterprise makes available to you. CutterOne puts cutting-edge thinking about business technology strategies, technologies and processes right at your fingertips.

Insight and Advice You Can Put to Work Right Away.

Every day, Cutter Consortium’s expert Senior Consultants — top practitioners who spend much of their time inside organizations like yours — help enterprises solve their business technology challenges. From business transformation to sustainable innovation; from change management to leadership strategies; from creating, implementing, and optimization software and systems to adopting new technologies, a CutterOne subscription gives you unlimited personal access to insightful, original research and advice from best-in-class consultants, academics, and practitioners.

Smart, Easy-to-Read Articles and Reports.

Staying abreast the latest trends, techniques, and developments in business technology is a key tool to your success. Cutter Consortium delivers this in smart, easy-to-read reports and articles.

What You Get.

As a CutterOne subscriber, you’ll discover solutions to problems you’ve been trying to solve, and business-technology trends and technologies that are gaining traction. Support your personal professional development goals with the knowledge shared by Cutter experts in a steady stream of alerts, updates, reports, and webinars that help you:

  • Get breakthrough ideas from both in-depth and short-burst research and experience reports.
  • Understand the changing business technology landscape via expert analysis of exclusive data.
  • Uncover lessons learned from case studies written by Cutter’s experts.
  • Discover 10+ years of timeless insight and advice in the deep CutterOne archive.

You’ll have access to all of Cutter Cosortium’s research, from the Business Agility & Software EngineeringBusiness & Enterprise ArchitectureBusiness Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies, and Data Analytics & Digital Technologies  practices, plus from Cutter Business Technology Journal

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