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The Cutter Edge: Sustainable Agility Through HR, Ensuring Analytics Success for Leaders

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2 July 2019

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Agile Is Never “Done”: Sustaining the Pursuit of Agility Through HR

As companies evolve through the stages of increasing agility, the work of HR changes as well. At each stage, there are new priorities and new hurdles that should be both expected and managed. Explore the strategies for sustainable agility!

How Can Leaders Ensure Their Analytics Projects Are Successful?

The idea of using analytics is exciting, but these types of projects are not for the faint-hearted. There are technical, process, and people challenges that must be overcome. Improve the likelihood of your project success with these key points!

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Call for Papers: Is Software Eating the World?

What strategies should organizations focus on to keep from being disrupted? An upcoming issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal will address the complexities faced by organizations competing in our digital world. Learn more about getting published in Cutter Business Technology Journal!

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