The Cutter Edge: Wrong Definition of CX, Delight Customers with Agile, Business Agility, Due Diligence

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The Cutter Edge: Wrong Definition of CX, Delight Customers with Agile, Business Agility, Due Diligence

The Cutter Edge
Posted July 31, 2018 in

31 July 2018

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Your Definition of Customer Experience Is Wrong. Here's Why.

If you look at customer experience as the sum of the interactions, perceptions, and feelings a person has during the achievement of a goal or outcome, the way that you map, analyze, and improve CX will change drastically. More.

Using Agile to Delight Your Customers.

customer is someone whose delights you can anticipate, while a buyer is someone you hope will see economic value in what you have already built. Does your organization have customers or buyers? If you have customers, you’re focused on their future delight. Since the future is uncertain, agility is required. More.

Order A Disciplined Agile Approach to Business Agility and Save 20%!

This report provides guidance on optimizing the entire enterprise, lowering risk, and accelerating the journey to business agility. Use Code DAD20 to Save 20%. Learn more or order now!

Considering an Acquisition? A Technical Due Diligence Can Help.

Cutter Consortium’s Technical Due Diligence for Acquisitions is a high-level assessment of a target firm’s software, software architecture, and the software process and also includes a software technical debt assessment. Learn more now!

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