Knowledge Graphs in Engineering: A New Perspective

Posted August 10, 2022 | Technology | Amplify
If the world’s big data is a virtual mountain of dots, how can you connect them to extract their value? Knowledge graphs will help. The authors showcase several real-world KG applications, detail how they designed a KG to ensure vertical traceability in a systems engineering context, and offer specific advice on using KGs.
About The Author
Michael Eiden
Michael Eiden is a Cutter Expert, Partner and Global Head of AI & ML at Arthur D. Little (ADL), and a member of the ADL’s AMP open consulting network. Dr. Eiden is an expert in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) with more than 15 years’ experience across different industrial sectors. He has designed, implemented, and productionized ML/AI solutions for applications in medical diagnostics, pharma, biodefense, and consumer… Read More
Philippe Monnot
Philippe Monnot is a Data Scientist with Arthur D. Little's (ADL's) UK Digital Problem Solving practice, and a member of ADL's AMP open consulting network. He’s passionate about solving complex challenges that impact people’s livelihood through the use of data, statistics, and machine learning (ML). Mr. Monnot enjoys developing accessible solutions that customers will adopt through effective data storytelling and explainable artificial… Read More
Armand Rotaru
Armand Rotaru is an AI/ML data scientist with Arthur D. Little’s (ADL’s) Digital Problem Solving (DPS) practice and has been involved in a variety of projects that have a natural language processing (NLP) component, predominantly in the petrochemical, transportation, and biomedical sectors. He is also responsible for maintaining/expanding the NLP section of ADL’s DPS Training Portal and mentoring junior team members. Mr. Rotaru has a master of… Read More
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