Smartphone Toll Systems: Boost Revenue, Enable Congestion Control & Promote High-Occupancy Commuting

Posted September 20, 2022 | Industry | Amplify
Smartphone tolls
Ralph Menzano takes us on a fascinating journey into the world of smartphone-based tolling — a way to increase road-based revenue, help cities control peak-time congestion, and (at long last) enforce HOV lane use. Next-gen toll systems not only cost less than RFID-based ones, but have the potential to reduce the number of cars on the road, replace gas-tax revenue lost due to EVs, and provide a mountain of information to transit authorities to help them better manage traffic. Menzano offers a success story from a pilot program in Texas, USA; looks at how the US has fared against Europe and Asia in tolling; and helps us understand why much of the world is looking to the US for leadership in usage-based road pricing for light vehicles.
About The Author
Ralph Menzano
Ralph Menzano is CEO of ARKS GROUP LLC, established in 2021, where he helps people and businesses in a “sea of trouble.” His areas of focus include aviation, roadway, maritime, rail and bus organizations, and various other industries. Mr. Menzano’s past positions include Executive Director, Global Transportation Industry Solutions, Oracle Corporation; Transportation Domain Leader, KPMG; and VP/CIO at JPMorgan Chase Bank, General Motors, Saint… Read More
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