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Thriving in a Post-Pandemic Business World, Achieving Trust in AI, more!

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Posted July 27, 2021 | Leadership | Technology |
The Cutter Edge

27 July 2021

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Leadership Lessons: Keys to Thriving in a Post-Pandemic Business World

As the pandemic unwinds, what lasting lessons can companies carry from the moments of “What now?” to successfully respond to “What’s next?” Before rushing into the “next normal,” serious reflection is indeed warranted in regard to ... More!

Trust AI

Is It Possible to Achieve Trust in AI?

The journey toward AI ethics is no easy road. Even the assumption that AI should be used for the good of humanity is wishful thinking; in reality, AI is mostly developed for profit or for political or economic gain, along with many other motives ... More!

Tech debt webinar

Webinar Tomorrow: Managing Technical Debt for Application Modernization

Join us at our webinar tomorrow, July 28, with Dan Sturtevant and discover strategies for modernizing your legacy software assets, including how to identify, evaluate, and remediate hidden modernization blockers. Register now!

Sustainability thur BA

Pursuing Sustainability through Business Architecture

Join our webinar on September 22 as Cutter Fellow William Ulrich and Giovanni Traverso explore business architecture’s role in transitioning an organization into becoming a player in the sustainable economy, while meeting other essential business objectives. Register!

Leadership cover

New in the Cutter Bookstore!

This new issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal identifies the leadership lessons learned and the lasting best management practices that arose from the myriad challenges of the pandemic. Order now!

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