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The Ubiquity of Project Failure, Technical Debt is Neither Technical Nor Debt, more!

Posted September 7, 2021 | Leadership | Technology |

7 September 2021

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Why Do Technology Projects Fail? Is Failure a Feature or a Bug?

Technology projects continue to fail at an astounding rate, and the number and cost of these failures are stunning. The root problem is that conventional solutions seldom, if ever, address the real problems around talent, support, and corporate culture. More!


Technical Debt Is Not Debt; It's Not Even Technical

Once we understand that technical debt is a company-wide concern, we can no longer consider it technical; this label is too narrow and doesn’t communicate its significance. Technical debt's impact may even go beyond the company ... More!

Tech debt webinar

Emerging Trends & Opportunities Made Possible by Fintech

Join our webinar on September 8 with Kevin O'Leary and discover how fintech can help businesses reopen post-pandemic and develop a robust digital infrastructure that will support growth into the future. Register now!


What Prevents Adoption of Innovation Best Practice Across Business Units?

Discover why it's so challenging for business units to learn, share, and replicate best innovation practices in this workshop on Sept. 14. Share this opportunity to discuss innovation best practices with innovation practitioners in your organization. Register!

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Call for Papers: The Role of Technology in Sustainability

Share your insight in an upcoming Cutter Business Technology Journal addressing how technology can facilitate sustainability solutions for companies and industries. Send article ideas!

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