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Posted October 5, 2021 | Leadership |
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5 October 2021

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Stairs promotion

To Unlock the Next Big Promotion, Leaders Must Up Their Career AQ

The career advancement quotient (AQ) measures fit for next-level opportunities by emphasizing accomplishments that far exceed a current job description, and it's a much better gauge of whether a job move will be successful over traditional ways. More!

Tech access

Design for Technology Accessibility on the Front End — Always

Accessibility should not be an afterthought or something that a line of code can fix. Product and leadership teams can make a big difference in the technology experience of people with disabilities by consistently emphasizing accessible design up-front. More!


AI as a Platform for New Products Bootcamp

Learn how to leverage AI to improve and accelerate innovation and product development, discover the obstacles to launching AI-engineered products, and more in this 2-day bootcamp with Professor Darren Meister. Register your team now!


Adaptable Leadership — A Virtual Event

In this 4-hour virtual Summit event, you’ll discover how leaders are adapting more quickly than they ever imagined, the lessons they’ve learned in the last few years, and what all this means for how you lead in the future. Join business and technology leaders from around the globe on Nov. 16! Register!

BA webinar

How Business Architecture Can Help Define Data Architecture

Join Fellow William Ulrich on Dec. 8 and discover how a well-articulated information and capability map serve as the basis for defining and validating an organization’s data architecture, inform data transformation requirements, and more! Register!

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