Shed light on a critical aspect of the quality-performance connection that is too often overlooked.

Would your organization benefit from business executives who foster overall operational stability, while at the same time use a wide array of options for handling uncertainty? How about a line staff that is empowered to deal with routines decisively? Of course it would. With expert guidance from Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Hillel Glazer, it can.

Hillel borrows a few simple techniques from Lean thinking to help your organization become a high performance operation through dealing with natural, everyday, ordinary work. You benefit at the executive level from the lean and agile practices and thinking patterns that are typically only leveraged at the team level. With support from Glazer, you will master this simple yet powerful means of pursuing and realizing high performance results.

How does he "peel the onion"?

We're all familiar with the analogy of peeling an onion to find out what's going on in the center. The analogy is often used to describe an organization's efforts to get to the heart of challenges by starting with the symptoms as seen from the outside. What if your organization could turn that around? What if, instead of unwelcome symptoms on the outside and root causes on the inside, your "onion" had market-facing value and performance on the outside and the engine that makes it happen on the inside? Hillel Glazer will guide you to uncover the engine that makes it happen and—more importantly—discover how to create the conditions that sustain those inner workings. Performing at a high level starts by asking, "How do we know we're performing well?" Glazer will help you determine the answer to this question by working backwards (analogously opposite to peeling an onion) to find the most visible and readily accessible attributes that would turn your organization from a focus on the symptoms toward a focus on that which will make it perform at its best.

By applying some fairly simple metrics that compare operational results against goals, Hillel will help your organization answer the next question: "What do we need to do to make sense of the metrics?" With support from Hillel Glazer, you'll gain confidence in your measures, find meaning in the results, and realism in your goals.

You're Doing It Wrong

You're Doing It Wrong

The 3-part Executive Update series You're Doing It Wrong explores how "leaning" your operation can improve the quality of the data that makes probabilistic decision making methods possible. You'll discover how these activities improve the quality of products, predictability of delivery, responsiveness to the market, and speed of innovation. Read the article now.

Why Hillel Glazer?

As an aerospace engineer, Hillel has been applying the same systems thinking necessary for that challenging field to solve the complex business performance challenges we face every day. By going back to the roots of Lean and systems-thinking Hillel works with clients in the global marketplace applying over 25 years of experience to look at your workflow, systems, measures and decision-making with an eye towards performance. He works exclusively with companies motivated to achieve world-class operations and excellence.

What's Next?

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