Leveraging Business Architecture: Translate Strategy into Action

Whynde KuehnLearn about the strategy execution life cycle and the critical role business architecture plays in it.


Organizations are constantly changing and reinventing themselves. Strategic changes are driven from the need to win customers and compete in a rapidly changing business environment. New ideas are being generating a regular basis by the innovation programs that are being established in many organizations. Implementing those strategies and innovations results in a need for an increasing amount of operational changes to improve efficiency and react to external forces such as legislation.

Organizations are not short on ideas or the desire to make them happen. The challenge is being able to:

  • Harness all of these ideas
  • Prioritize them
  • Understand their impact on the business and IT environment
  • Translate them into a coordinated set of executable actions across the enterprise

In this on-demand webinar, Senior Consultant Whynde Kuehn explores an enterprise perspective on the strategy execution life cycle and the critical role business architecture plays throughout the life cycle. She also discusses some practical steps you can take to optimize the strategy execution life cycle and begin to integrate business architecture into it over time.

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