Jim Benson

Jim Benson, CEO of Modus Cooperandi (moduscooperandi.com), specializes in Lean project management and the management of knowledge work. He is the creator of Personal Kanban and, with Tonianne DeMaria Barry, coauthored the book Personal Kanban, which won a Shingo Research Award for Excellence in 2012. He is the 2012 winner of the Brickell Key Award for excellence in Lean thinking. For the past two decades, Mr. Benson has worked at uncovering ways for groups to find clarity in unpredictable and amorphous knowledge work environments. Since starting Modus, he has helped the World Bank, NBC Universal, the United Nations, Spotify, Riot Games, Comcast, R.W. Baird, and others improve their kanban systems, implement collaborative solutions, identify and implement improvements, and create more innovative cultures. He can be reached at jim at moduscooperandi dot com.