Give your Agile teams the executive-level support they have earned.

Although Agile is a team-level methodology, the success of Agile often depends on executive sponsorship. Executives usually have many questions, and the answers are often surprising. Here are a few examples:

  • How do executives ensure that the Agile transformation process results in teams working in alignment with strategic objectives?
  • How long does it take for Agile to start showing results?
  • What kind of executive-level support do Agile teams need?
  • What kind of support do Agile teams need from other groups?
  • How do executives best assess whether the Agile effort is on track?
  • Should executives convert these measurements into metrics, the goals that teams should be reaching?
  • How deeply do executives need to understand Agile practices and principles?

We have designed this executive-level workshop to answer these questions, and many others. Many Agile transformation initiatives succeed because of enlightened leadership from the executive wing. Many others fail because of executive neglect and misunderstandings.

Timing Is Everything...

Timing within the context of Agile adoption is important. This workshop is often the beginning of an Agile transformation effort that we support. This conversation may start at the very beginning of Agile adoption, or at the point where the organization needs to decide where to go next, after some initial experiments with Agile. We also see an increasing need for executive training and coaching in organizations that have reached Agile maturity, when the next steps involve significant alterations to the software value stream.

Some clients extend the executive-level conversation beyond this short workshop, with executive coaching.

Number of days: One-half to one day


  • Executives in organizations adopting Agile, or extending their adoption

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