Murray Cantor

Murray Cantor has been a leader for over 30 years, applying leading-edge ideas in software and systems development. Currently, Dr. Cantor is CTO of Aptage. Recently, he served as an IBM Distinguished Engineer, a member of the Rational CTO Council, and the Rational Lead for Analytics and Optimization for Software and Systems, where he led the application of predictive analytics to software and systems planning/development as well as adapting Lean techniques throughout the development lifecycle.

Previously, Dr. Cantor served as Lead Engineer for Rational Services and as developer of the Rational Unified Process (RUP) extensions for system engineering. Before joining Rational, he was Project Lead at TASC, a defense and intelligence contractor, where he applied object technology and early versions of the Unified Process to the successful delivery of highly complex systems for the US Air Force and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). Before TASC, Dr. Cantor served in the IBM division that launched Risc System/6000, where he held several roles, including graphics system architect, 3D graphics development lead, 3D graphics development manager, graphics subsystem architecture manager, and multimedia program manager. He also delivered the first distributed object-based subsystem in IBM. Dr. Cantor is a founding member of the OpenGL Architecture Review Board. In addition to many articles, he is the author of two books: Object-Oriented Project Management with UML and Software Leadership. Dr. Cantor blogs on analytics for software and systems. He can be reached at