Richard Nolan


Richard (Dick) Nolan is a Fellow of Cutter Consortium. From 2003-2008, he served as the Philip M. Condit endowed Chair in Business Administration at the Foster School of Business of the University of Washington (UW), where he researched a set of workable management principles for the information economy. Prior to joining UW, Dr. Nolan was the William Barclay Harding Professor of Management of Technology at Harvard Business School. He is currently Professor Emeritus at both Harvard University and UW.

Corporations will need to pay particular attention to disruptive innovations that will become increasingly common as major research universities focus on multidisciplinary programs and commercialization of innovations through support of university spin-outs.

Richard Nolan
Fellow, Cutter Consortium

Along with Cutter Fellow Robert D. Austin and Cutter Senior Consultant Shannon O’Donnell Hessel, Dr. Nolan has coauthored an innovative “novel” case series to more effectively engage students and managers in learning IT management and leadership. The case series consists of 18 cases, which have been incorporated into the books Adventures of an IT Leader and Harder Than I Thought: Adventures of a 21st-Century CEO. He also has authored and coauthored several other books, including Globalization, Technology and Competition; Building the Information Age Organization: Structure, Control, and Information Technologies; and Dot Vertigo.

Dr. Nolan is the originator of the Stages Theory, one of the most widely used management frameworks for IT baselining and planning. He served as Chairman and CEO of Nolan, Norton and Company, an IT management consulting company, from 1977 until 1987, when the company was acquired by KPMG. After the acquisition, Dr. Nolan served as Chairman of Nolan, Norton and Company and Partner of KPMG until 1991. He has also been an active board member of several global corporations and early stage start-up companies. He can be reached at