Sebastian Konkol


Sebastian Konkol is a Cutter Expert. He is an enterprise startup and strategy consultant and the owner of the consultancy firm TwisterSolve. Mr. Konkol specializes in strategic IT planning, business technology partnerships from both the technology and organizational perspectives, and fostering new technology management methods supported by social psychology. He provides advisory services to companies in ICT-based and ICT-intensive industries. Mr. Konkol also divides his time among running strategic IT consulting endeavors, managing projects, and sharing his expertise in EA management and IT governance.

Mr. Konkol develops strategic technology management frameworks that bind company strategy, EA, and corporate governance with core business–related activities. As a social networking analyst and complexity theory enthusiast, he also works on concepts that apply contemporary social psychology tools to the field of technology management. Mr. Konkol’s professional goal is to help ICT-dependent organizations achieve optimal technology usage in order to create and sustain competitive advantage, including harnessing the technical, business, and organizational perspectives through a partnership approach. Prior to becoming an independent consultant in 2003, he worked as a project leader and program manager for a mobile telecom operator, where he was responsible for running projects aimed at creating and providing mobile value-added services to the mass market. Mr. Konkol has authored numerous publications dealing with the business use of technology, telecom information environment management, and IT organization management. Mr. Konkol can be reached at