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September 2001

September 2001 Cutter Benchmark Review

Welcome to the first edition of Cutter Benchmark Review, the journal that brings you the most current IT benchmarking data and analysis, helping you track the technology trends that matter.

August 2001

August 2001 IT Metrics Strategies

Executive Summary

IT metrics data -- what's happening in the industry and in your company -- takes the stage for this month's ITMS.

July 2001

July 2001 IT Metrics Strategies

Executive Summary

Fast-changing times demand adaptability. With ever-tighter deadlines and the constant newness of technical challenges, it's often difficult to size projects. Even as times change, this fundamental problem remains. Many want to know whether sizing metrics that we learned in the past, such as function points, are adaptable to new and different environments.

June 2001

June 2001 IT Metrics Strategies

Executive Summary

Partnerships. Alliances. Outsourcing. Joint ventures. Today's economic climate requires companies to speed their time to market while lowering costs and increasing the amount of functionality they can deliver. Many seek to achieve this through partnerships, establishing metrics and benchmark frameworks to ensure that performance goals are being met.

May 2001

Metrics, Mainframes, E-Business, and You: Introduction

In this issue of ITMS, I'm pleased to share the results of the latest Cutter Consortium research on computing platform trends, e-business, and outsourcing.