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February 2002

Integrating Business Processes Using XML

Over the past several months, Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Paul Harmon has been studying the Extensible Markup Language (XML) as it facilitates business process improvement -- a growing trend.

January 2002

Relationship Management

Cutter Consortium's tag line is "Leveraging IT for Competitive Advantage." Integral to leveraging IT is managing the many relationships IT departments and IT professionals develop in the course of their work. Today's IT professional must be a people-person.

December 2001

The Fine, Fine Line Between Success and Failure

As highlighted in this month's issue of Cutter Benchmark Review, the terms "success" and "failure" are not black and white. Unfortunately, IT efforts are often forced into one category or the other without regard as to why they're successful or have failed -- and whether "failure" may have in fact been the best possible outcome.

November 2001

Budget Blowout -- Strategies Companies Use to Deal with IT

A flip through the business section of the newspaper is a pretty depressing ordeal these days. Some big name companies and some of the most innovative IT departments have recently had to deal with dreaded words like "axed" and "sacked." IT departments are now looking for the best strategies to help them deal with cutbacks and the best tactics to avoid blowouts.

October 2001

Technology Adoption -- Don't Look Down!

Welcome to the second issue of Cutter Benchmark Review; this month, we look at the technological choices IT managers are facing now, or will be in the near future. The articles in this issue focus on technologies that are in the early adopter phase of implementation, including the computing utility model, instant messaging, the new mobile workforce, and the use of ASPs and XML.