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Digital Transformation & Innovation Bootcamp

Business Models for Value Creation Are Evolving Quickly ... Burst Your Bubble of Belief

Hi Bootcamp Execs,

Thank you so much for your participation in the October session of Cutter’s Digital Transformation & Innovation Bootcamp. Coupled with Karim’s outstanding program and extraordinary ability to orchestrate the non-stop flow of new ideas, it’s the groups’ insights, questions, and debate that make the two days such a valuable experience for all.

For those of you who want additional reading, below please find a sample of content complementing the cases and materials provided across the two days.


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Why Innovation is Hard on the Brain


Figure 1 — Aspects of the supply chain of highest strategic  importance to food producers.

Farm-to-Fork Transparency: Food Supply Chain Traceability

by Johannes Ahlmann

Blockchain has the potential to transform and disrupt the food and retail industries. Giving access to real-time, auditable, trustworthy information on an immutable ledger about the origin, processing, and handling of food will change how consumers make purchasing decisions, level the playing field for high-quality products, and enable new possibilities in consumer, inventory, and supply chain analytics.

Figure 1 — What digital transformation is about.

Approaching Transformation in the Digital Age

by Evangelos Vayias, by Ioannis Konstantinidis

In this Advisor, we present the approach taken to set a roadmap for the journey of the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE), the incumbent telecom operator in Greece, toward digital transformation.

Steve Andriole

Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment: Do You Have the Right Methods, Skills and Support?

by Steve Andriole

In this on-demand webinar, Cutter Consortium Fellow, Steve Andriole, focuses on how to make digital transformation projects successful by assessing the methods, skills and support at your disposal.


Innovation in Insurance Support for Disaster Preparedness

by Carl Adams, by Simon Day, by Richard Teeuw, by Naomi Morris

The insurance arena is undergoing an evolution through technological developments, demand changes for coverage, and risk perception. A dire need for change is evident when we look at large disasters that have the potential to cause harm to diverse communities over sizeable geographical areas

Service Dominant Architecture

Let’s Get Digital: Digitizing the Insurance Business with Service Platforms

by Andreas Zolnowski, by Markus Warg

In this article, we reflect on the experiences gained in the digital transformation of a traditional insurance company in Germany.

Internet of Things

Connected Insurance: Delivering Value with a Customer-Centric Approach

by Andrea Silvello

Connected insurance, enabled by big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI), is disrupting a major industry that is traditionally resistant to change. Insurance technology — or insurtech — is a vast field and incorporates the interconnected landscape of connected insurance with its three pillars: health, car, and home. Microinsurance comes as a transversal opportunity that can help close the protection gap on the one hand and allow carriers to propose customer-centric products and services aligned with client expectations and behavior on the other hand.


Innovation Mapping

by Robert Austin

Learn where the innovation gaps lie between members and groups in your organization. And discover how to close those gaps.


Riding the Insurtech Wave

by Deepika Shah, by Rajesh Vishwanathan

Small and medium-sized insurance companies need to engage with insurtechs to fully take advantage of the insurtech wave and leverage it successfully. In this article, we highlight avenues for sourcing, curating, and building long-term relationships with the insurtech firms that are most suitable for the incumbent organization’s strategic requirements.