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Digital Transformation & Innovation Bootcamp

Business Models for Value Creation Are Evolving Quickly ... Burst Your Bubble of Belief

Hi Bootcamp Execs,

Thank you so much for your participation in the October session of Cutter’s Digital Transformation & Innovation Bootcamp. Coupled with Karim’s outstanding program and extraordinary ability to orchestrate the non-stop flow of new ideas, it’s the groups’ insights, questions, and debate that make the two days such a valuable experience for all.

For those of you who want additional reading, below please find a sample of content complementing the cases and materials provided across the two days.


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Why Innovation is Hard on the Brain



Bringing “Leadership Agility” to Agile

by Bill Joiner

This article focuses on “Leadership Agility.” The author has done extensive research on leadership and created a leadership development model that works exceptionally well in companies undergoing an Agile transformation.

Don MacIntyre

Agile Leadership: Foundation for Organizational Agility — Opening Statement

by Don MacIntyre

Based on the demand for Agile skills in the workplace, it is quite clear that leaders across the globe are coming to rely more and more on Agile principles and practices to achieve their goals. What makes some of these leaders successful with their Agile adoptions while other leaders seem to struggle?

Steve Andriole
Executive Update

Creating Great Customer Experiences

by Steve Andriole

In this Executive Update, we look at the most beloved companies and their best practices. We end with a list of questions you can ask about how to improve your customers’ experiences. We also discuss the role that vertical industry location, profit margins by industry, government regulation, and competition play in the customer experience management process to provide context to the explanation and management of customer experiences.

Digital transformation 360-degree approach

From “Fast-Bleeding” to Market-Leading: A Telecom’s Digital Transformation Journey

by Evangelos Vayias, by Ioannis Konstantinidis

In this article, Evangelos Vayias and Ioannis Konstantinidis offer a roadmap for digital transformation and tell us how OTE Group used it to transform itself “from a ‘fast-bleeding,’ bureaucratic telco into a modern, competitive, high-performance service company” through the application of IoT-related technologies. 

Figure 1 — Simple stack of computing hardware, software, and business applications.

Using the 5 “I” Terms to Drive Innovation Through Collaboration

by Aluru Chandra

This Advisor proposes a five-“I” framework for carrying out a discovery process to uncover opportunities for innovation and continuous improvement in business applications. Application development and support teams can use this framework for running continuous improvements using collaborating innovation and proactively address the evolving needs of business.

William Ulrich

Business Architecture: A Framework for Innovation, Transformation, Optimization, and More

by William Ulrich

Faced with a cross-section of seemingly disparate business and technology demands, one would logically ask how a business can concurrently execute a multiheaded set of strategies against operating models that are at best opaque and at worst driving companies out of business. The answer requires breaking down a business to its basic building blocks, which in turn provides a common lens through which to view and align business objectives, initiatives, and related investments.

Executive Update

Blockchain Rising, Part V: Domains and Industries of Greatest Impact

by Curt Hall

This Executive Update centers on recent Cutter survey findings pertaining to the domains and industries where blockchain technology will have the most significant impact.

Paul Harmon

Farmers Insurance Uses AI in Salesforce

by Paul Harmon

For most insurance companies, now is the time to begin experimenting with AI, learning about what it can do and what will be involved in supporting and maintaining AI-based apps.