Business value of IoTAn exclusive webinar for Ford Motor Company

As part of a digital business strategy, IoT blends the physical and digital worlds transforming the way we live and work. Many enterprises are accelerating their business journey to offer IoT-enabled products or services as part of a broader business transformation strategy. To leverage the opportunity, it's not only imperative for application leaders to work with business leaders to select IoT-enabled business solutions that ensure business and IT alignment on business value, but IT organizations must also devise policies for data ownership, governance including quality, security, privacy, and life cycle concerns, architecture, and digital ethics.

In this exclusive session for Ford Motor Company, Agron Lasku, Sean McDevitt, and Rebecka Axelsson-Wadman (from Cutter Consortium's parent company Arthur D. Little) will present and discuss critical business insights that will give perspective on next-gen IoT opportunities and what it takes to realize those. Example of topics that will be covered include: 

  • The third wave of digital transformation, powered by IoT, that is transforming industries
  • Impact of digital evolution on the future of enterprise networking
  • Size and value of IoT market per region and industry, including automotive 
  • Dedicated managed networks and why they will enable future IoT solutions 
  • Use cases driving value, how will they evolve over time and what capabilities they require
  • The value at stake for industry players – an OEM supplier case example 
  • Deep dive in smart (OEM) manufacturing, use cases empowered by new technologies (5G)
  • Business case, payback and ROI perspective for selected use cases 

This webinar will reveal the net value of IoT — from the start of a pilot to full deployment — including the monetary, social, and environmental value. Discover why it's so urgent for Ford to move to IoT and how to move quickly towards progress.

Realizing True Business Value with IoT
Date: Thursday, October 22

Time: 10AM – 11AM EDT (See your local time)

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