Agron Lasku

Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies

Agron Lasku is a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium and a principal at A. D. Little. He is a revenue-oriented professional, experienced in building best-practice digitalization strategies that deliver or exceed committed strategic and financial targets. Agron works continuously in cross-functional settings to create, manage and empower winning teams that, together with C-level executives, managers and operative specialists, deliver sustainable change. He has consulted as: project leader for a growth strategy for a leading Nordic media conglomerate; project leader for the development of a global Smart-City strategy for world-leading ICT company; project leader of an analysis of the key change mechanisms of the ICT impact on society as part of an envisioning of the 2020 digitalized society for a world-leading ICT company; project leader for a leading Private Equity firm’s creation of a Pan-Nordic telecommunication services procurement strategy and implementation for 15 portfolio companies.

Agron has led multiple digitalization projects for both the private and public sector. He has a passion for education, digitalization, and helping people, and since 2007, has driven a charity project helping children and schools in northern Albania. Agron is a thought leader and published author in the field of digitalization. He is also mentor and coach for colleagues and start-up companies’ management teams. He is a Master in Finance, Investment and Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics and CEMS M.Sc. in International Management from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He can be reached at

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