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2021 Trends — Technology "Underdogs", Culture Change for Successful DevSecOps, more!

Posted January 11, 2021 | Leadership | Technology |
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12 January 2021

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Underdogs to "Wonderdogs": Technology Trends for 2021 & Beyond

Many of the same "celebrity" technologies appear on every "trends to watch in the new year" list. What about the ones that don’t make the lists but are just as, if not more, important? Check out Cutter Consortium Fellow Steve Andriole's underdog trends ... More!

Measuring Culture Change for Successful DevSecOps Implementation

Organizational culture is a vital part of effectively implementing DevSecOps. When the organizational culture allows for security to be a part of every stage of the software development lifecycle, products and solutions become inherently secure. More!

Low-Code No-Code Platforms as Catalysts to Innovation

Join Greg Smith and Michael Papadopoulos in this webinar on February 10 and learn how low-code/no-code solutions can provide a company’s workforce with the tools needed to easily create software to grow and transform the business. Register!

How New Database Technologies Are Turning Data Analytics Rules Upside Down!

In this webinar with Vince Kellen, you'll explore how streaming technologies and other new cloud-based approaches have changed the paradigm for 21st-century data analytics and how your organization can benefit. More Info/Register now!

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