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The Cutter Edge: Building Performance Capabilities, Addressing the Skills Crisis, Pushing Beyond Status-Quo

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24 September 2019

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Building Performance Capabilities from the Inside Out

High performance requires more than being content with the status quo. This is not about changing how you work; it’s about gaining insight into how you can work more efficiently. Explore what it takes to realize high-performance results. Find out now!

A Crisis of Perception? Viewing the Skills Crisis Anew

Engaging with real-world complexity requires new skills outside of what universities or vendor certifications are teaching. The ability to navigate complex problems is the major issue, not knowledge of specific languages, frameworks, or vendor tools. Read more!

Unpeeling the Onion — Creating and Sustaining a High-Performance Operation

Join Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Hillel Glazer on September 25 and discover what needs to be in your center to push beyond the status quo and create and sustain a high-performance organization. Register now!

Webinar: Business Architecture — Strategy Execution’s Secret Weapon

Join Cutter Senior Consultant Brian Cameron on October 8 as he steps you through structuring your business architecture to effectively facilitate strategy execution. Reserve your seat now!

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