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The Cutter Edge: Life and Data in a Time of Pandemic, Never Waste a Good Crisis, more!

Posted February 9, 2021 | Leadership | Technology |
Global pandemic

9 February 2021

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Life and Data in a Time of Pandemic

The challenge we face in 2021 and beyond is to ensure that the data we collect and analyze promotes a better life for all on this planet, rather than increasing the imbalances and driving the dysfunctional behaviors that characterize human life today. More!

Never Waste a Good Crisis! It’s Time for Innovation

A lot of what we do is guided by patterns. These patterns help us in a stable context but get in the way in a dynamic or complex context, like a pandemic, and hinder innovation. Find out how to be open to innovation by breaking out of familiar patterns. More!

Webinar Tomorrow! Low-Code No-Code Platforms as Catalysts to Innovation

Join our webinar, tomorrow, February 10, and learn how low-code/no-code solutions can provide a company’s workforce with the tools needed to easily create software to grow and transform the business. Register now!

Bootcamp: Why and How to Accelerate Your Response to Disruption!

Join Cutter Fellow Robert D. Austin and learn how to transform your business model to gain a foothold in the platform economy, protect against digital disruption, and even pivot to be the disruptive new entrant in some other market. More Info/Register!

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