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21 May 2019

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Enterprises: Are You Playing the Infinite Game?

Architects need to be incremental in their build-outs, so they may win the battle in the finite game of a single capability. But looking to the future is critical for an enterprise's success. What kind of management and architecture practices are needed to go the distance and play the infinite game? Find out!

Opportunities in Blockchain

Technology adoption of blockchain is possible across virtually any industry that can benefit from secure digital payments, smart contracts, and identity management. It can be used to alter existing processes and can open the door to processes not yet automated. Read more about its potential!

New Webinar: Architecture for Digital Business

Join Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Mike Rosen on June 25 at 12 pm ET and discover why your organization should use a business architecture and value delivery–based approach to digital strategy. Register now!

Do You Have an Opinion on CX?

Cutter is conducting research to determine whether or not organizations are planning to adopt or have already imlplemented CX practices/technologies to improve the customer experience. Share your insight and we'll send you a $50 credit towards any report or subscription in the Cutter Bookstore. Take the survey! 

New from Cutter Business Technology Journal: Cutting Edge Agile!

This exciting 7-article issue with Guest Editor Alistair Cockburn explores the latest applications of agile practices in some non-traditional environments. Order now with coupon code CuttingEdgeAgile20 and Save 20% off your order!

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