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The Cutter Edge: Softer Side of Remote Work, Lizards & COVID 19, Distributed Team Virtual Training

Posted April 7, 2020 in
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7 April 2020

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The Soft Side of Remote Work Can Work

Considering the recent impact of COVID-19, many businesses are now using the latest tools to operate remotely. In this article, David Coleman discusses the softer challenges of remote work such as trust issues, a rapidly shifting corporate culture, remote worker morale, and adapting processes to technological limits. More!

Lizards and COVID-19, Complexity, and Software Engineering

"I teach architects to prepare their architectures for the lizards; giant, fire-breathing lizards that will destroy their town," says Barry M. O'Reilly. "If their system can survive things like this, they can learn to work with the highly improbable to diagnose sensitivity to incidents they can never understand or predict ..." More!

Virtual Training: Distributed Software Teams

Working remotely is a new reality for many companies. Join Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant John Heintz in four virtual workshops and educate your software teams on surviving and thriving in dispersed environments. Learn more!

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Call for Papers: How Technology/Business Leaders Help in a Crisis

What strategies, tools and technologies can technology and business leaders adopt to enable their businesses to continue operating during a crisis? Share your insight in an upcoming issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal!

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