The Cutter Edge: What's Driving Digital Transformation?

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The Cutter Edge: What's Driving Digital Transformation?

The Cutter Edge
Posted June 28, 2016 in


28 June 2016

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 New from The Cutter Edge

What's Driving Digital Transformation?

by Peter Kovari, Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortium

Understanding the driving forces behind digital transformation, its effects, and the role that certain EA best practices can play in embracing digital transformation will help organizations benefit in this challenging time. More ...

 Achieve balance with agile approaches ...

Agility and Stability

by Murray Cantor, Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortium

Running a business in the face of today’s challenges alters the nature of business management. “Agility” is the facility of quick response — the ability to be nimble, to detect changes, and to respond quickly. More ...

Digital Transformation and Innovation Bootcamp

Find out what digital strategies might be right for your organization in this intensive 2-day bootcamp led by Cutter Fellow and Harvard Business School Professor Karim Lakhani. Find out more or register!

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Find out how to avoid "rip-and-replace" approaches to new BI systems in this insightful webinar — tomorrow June 29 — with BI and big data guru Barry Devlin. Register today!

Organizational Agility Via Collective Creativity, Learning, and Knowledge

Adapt quickly to internal or external needs in innovative and entrepreneurial ways using these collective practices. Download your complimentary copy of this report now!

The Role of Ethics in Algorithm Design

Can ethical software be designed without hindering technology innovation? See what our authors have to say in this thought-provoking issue of Cutter IT Journal!


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