Digital is now proving to be genuinely transformative — even within companies that were originally skeptical. However, genuinely transformational change is hard. Assuming the right digital technology that can successfully create the potential for transformation has been identified, there are still significant hurdles to overcome, the biggest one being human behavior.

Cutter Consortium Fellow Greg Smith, who believes that human behavior deserves at least as much attention as the technology itself, presented this webinart o help you understand why digital transformations fail — and what you can do to avoid failure.

During the webinar, Greg Smith discusses six key enablers to deliver positive change, and how these enablers can be unified into a powerful toolkit to facilitate successful transformation. But before even detailing these enablers, Greg identifies the ways that human behavior is often overlooked in favor of a focus on technology and offers you tips to ensure your enterprise doesn’t fall prey to that pitfall.

Discover how an organization can truly engage its people by understanding their behaviors, and how balancing empowerment, vision, engaged leadership, tolerance for failure, tangible incentives, and the belief that transformation can actually happen can ensure successful digital change.

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