You’ve seen the sensational headlines: Platforms, hubs, are taking over the world. Data is the new oil. Maybe they're monopolies or maybe they aren’t. What does it all mean to your business?

This is not your parents’ business strategy.

Unless you’ve been trained in the past five years, or you avidly keep up with the latest developments in business strategy research, the rules you know for business competition have changed. There are new kinds of attacks and other dangers that you need to worry about. Non-traditional competitors can now appear in your industry, having entered for reasons entirely different from yours, and operating under different constraints and with different advantages. And they’re not necessarily startups — some of them are major tech company players, with deep pockets and serious talent.

There is potential for disruption, but a new kind — beyond classic disruptive innovation — based on product or service features.

Join Cutter Consortium Fellow and Ivey Business School Professor Robert D. Austin for this hour-long webinar in which he'll lay out the new digital business strategy map. He’ll talk about new rules and new realities that you need to know to disruption-proof your business in a “hub" or “platform" economy. Rob’s objective is to help you down a path toward equipping all your managers for survival in a digitally transformed world.

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