Daniel Hjorth


Professor Daniel Hjorth is a Cutter Expert and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Professor at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy (MPP). Prior to this position he was Acting Professor at Växjö University (Sweden), a driving force of entrepreneurship research in Scandinavia.

At CBS, Hjorth is the research director of the LIKE-group (Leadership, Innovation, Knowledge, Entrepreneurship). LIKE-group conducts research and teaching in the spirit of the Department - a multidisciplinary approach to learning and research. Hjorth teaches 'organizational creativity', general management, innovation management, and entrepreneurship courses for graduate students, MBAs and PhD students, and is the creator of courses and programs in entrepreneurship.

Professor Hjorth's research is rooted in organization studies and entrepreneurship. In particular he focuses on the conditions for organizational creativity and innovation in the context of the larger organization. His focus for the last several years has been to develop a new agenda for management, based on a problematisation of management knowledge and practice in perspective of the shift from an industrial to a creative economy. As part of the recent focus on the so-called experience economy, one of Hjorth's research projects focuses on the relationship between aesthetic and economy in processes of product development and innovation.

Hjorth's research is widely published in academic journals. He is the editor of the book series New Movements in Entrepreneurship (together with Prof. Chris Steyaert) and has served as guest editor on special issues in academic journals. He is author of Rewriting Entrepreneurship -- For a New Perspective on Organizational Creativity, in which the conditions for the innovative organization are analyzed and described. Hjorth is coauthor and editor (together with Prof. Steyaert) of New Movements in Entrepreneurship (2003), Narrative and Discursive Approaches in Entrepreneurship Studies (2004), Entrepreneurship as Social Change (2006), and The Politics and Aesthetics of Entrepreneurship (2007). He is coauthor with Prof. Monika Kostera, of Entrepreneurship and the Experience Economy (2007) and also Organization and Entrepreneurship (2008).

Hjorth has also developed a "performative" genre of research where he produces plays rather than academic papers. These plays are based on scripts and performed on stage so as to avoid staying in the text when communicating the relationship between research and managerial-organizational practice.

Hjorth did his PhD studies at Lund University (Sweden), Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, and University of Massachusetts, and earned his doctorate at Växjö University. He can be reached at experts@cutter.com.