Giovanni Traverso

Giovanni Traverso is a member of the Business Architecture Guild and has more than 30 years' experience in consulting and direct business management at global companies. Through his business management career, Mr. Traverso has held leading positions in various functions, including R&D, product management, supply chain, quality and customer care, presales, and service delivery, at major telecom manufacturers. As Director of Product Strategy and Product Management, he led global product lines through the telecom crisis of 2000. As General Manager for Operations, Mr. Traverso led performance turnaround of large engineering teams, reorganization of operations following a company merger, and outsourcing projects. As global VP of Technology and Platforms, he led research and innovation programs, deploying an ecosystem that included universities and business partners, along with overall team reorganization. As Corporate Chief Business Architect, Mr. Traverso founded the business architecture practice in the quality, business process, and IT department of a leading global telecom manufacturer. His approach has been applied to initiatives that enabled growth of the handset division of that company at an accelerated pace to become an industry leader. As a Consulting Director, Mr. Traverso has advised major telecom operators, promoting the application of business architecture to operations management, business transformation coordinated with digital technology introduction, change management, customer experience management, and business ecosystem management.

Mr. Traverso devolved his acquired expertise in analytics, program management, governance, and business transformation into the pursuit of a "business-centric" structured approach to process and IT management, which led him to join the Business Architecture Guild, where he made several contributions about the development of the business architecture practice, its role in strategy implementation and change management, its application to customer experience management, and to digital transformation initiatives, including the context of technology migration to cloud architectures based on microservices. Mr. Traverso has presented at several conferences, is coauthor of The Open Group's Open Business Architecture standard, and has contributed to the business ecosystem management standard, published by TM Forum as a technical best practice. He is currently researching a business architecture approach to business sustainability. Mr. Traverso is a Certified Business Architect and SABSA Foundation–certified. He can be reached at