Harsh Sharma

Dr. Harsh W. Sharma is a sustainability architect who supports strategic architecture services at a tier 1 financial services company. He is a passionate supporter and contributor to the OMG's Information Management and Sustainability standards. Dr. Sharma started development of a globally relevant Sustainability Assessment Model (SAM) standard and serves as Chair of the Sustainability Group. This group is also in the process of developing a global knowledge base of all known green and sustainability standards. He is on the board of directors at OMG. Some of the clean energy activities Dr. Sharma has been involved in include development of artificial trees that will harness solar and wind power to generate electricity. This project is leveraging biomimicry concepts and nanotechnology to develop and manufacture solar trees that may also serve as sensors for detection and communication of disease/bioterrorism outbreaks and hazmat release. Previously, Dr. Sharma has worked as an enterprise architect consultant for tier 1 financial services, brokerage, insurance, and pharmaceuticals, promoting the use of a model-driven approach to address the chasm between business and technology. His engagements frequently involved presenting the above approach to senior business and IT executives to help achieve business agility. Dr. Sharma has a PhD in genetics from the University of Leeds, England, and later worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Yale University's School of Medicine. He can be reached at hsharma@meta-guru.com.