Karolina Marzantowicz

Karolina Marzantowicz acts as a technical executive, advisor, and catalyst who fosters curiosity to help lead the adaptation of rapidly changing IT environments and drive organizational agility. She bridges the technology, business innovation, and psychology worlds. Ms. Marzantowicz has been supporting companies in driving com­plex digital transformations; building and executing high-growth strategies; introducing emerging technologies; supporting innovative products and services for global international brands; as well as fostering hacking growth with startups around the world. She believes in technology as an enabler for growth and business innovation. Ms. Marzantowicz has provided architectural guidance to dozens of complex systems integration engagements, such as cloud, AI, and blockchain. Since 2014, she organized several hackathons in many countries, promoting fast, agile prototyping; innovation; and emerging technologies usage. Her current focus is on privacy by design and modern cryptography algorithms development and adoption (ZKP, post-quantum). Ms. Marzantowicz is a guest speaker at worldwide conferences and universities and author of many publications, patents, and books. She can be reached at kmarzantowicz@protonmail.com.