Phil Simon

Phil Simon is an independent technology consultant and a dynamic public speaker for hire. He focuses on the intersection of business and technology. Phil is the author of two books: Why New Systems Fail and The Next Wave of Technologies. He maintains a blog, writes for a number of technology media outlets, and hosts the podcast Technology Today. In 2002, after six years of related corporate experience, he started his company with the intent of optimizing organizations' use of different technologies. With his extensive knowledge of many applications, Phil has cultivated over 30 clients from a wide variety of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, education, and the public sector. He has worked with many different organizations that use enterprise systems in many different ways. As a result, he simultaneously brings both breadth and depth to the table. Phil is a graduate of the Cornell University (MILR, School of Industrial and Labor Relations) and Carnegie Mellon (B.S., Policy and Management). He lives in Northern New Jersey, USA. You can e-mail him at phil at or reach him through his website,