Ryan Flaim

Ryan Flaim, SVP at Sharon Merrill Advisors, is an investor relations professional, strategic communicator, and innovative thinker with 20 years’ experience advising C-suite executives, investor relations officers, and boards of directors. She has shepherded strategic communications for dozens of public companies through earnings cycles, annual investor relations planning, investor days, IPOs, M&As, sustainability reporting, and crisis situations, including executive transitions, proxy fights, and bankruptcies. Ms. Flaim has a passion for helping companies articulate engaging narratives that link financial performance to strategy. She takes a systematic and strategic approach to her work, generating lasting market, brand, and stakeholder value for clients. Ms. Flaim is an expert in messaging architectures, sustainability strategies, and investor engagement and has a track record of preparing executives for high-stakes engagements, including proxy contests. She can be reached at RFlaim@InvestorRelations.com.