Sara Cullen

Dr. Sara Cullen is Managing Director of The Cullen Group, a boutique firm offering consulting, publications, and education regarding commercial agreements, a Fellow at the University of Melbourne, and a Research Associate at the London School of Economics. She was former National Partner at Deloitte in Australia, where she ran the outsourcing consulting division and was the Global Thought Leader for outsourcing.

Dr. Cullen specializes in the design and management of outsourcing agreements, for buyers and sellers alike. She has consulted to 150 government and commercial sector organizations, spanning 51 countries, in over 190 projects comprising US $18 billion in contract value.

Sara is a widely published author, having written 140 publications. Her books include Outsourcing: All You Need to Know, The Outsourcing Enterprise, The Contract Scorecard, Toward Reframing Outsourcing, Intelligent IT Outsourcing, and Outsourcing: Exploding the Myths. She has conducted research with various universities since 1994, including the London School of Economics, the University of Melbourne, Oxford University, and the University of Warwick. Her expertise is globally recognized and she performs peer reviews regarding outsourcing research for Harvard Business Review, California Management Review, Journal of Information Systems (UK), and the European Conference on Information Systems. Dr. Cullen has lectured at many universities in Australia, Asia, and the Americas.

Dr. Cullen earned her PhD in the area of contracting from the University of Melbourne, a Masters of Management (Technology) from Melbourne Business School, and a BSc in accounting from St. Cloud State University. She is also a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Mediator. She can be reached at