Tom Bugnitz

Tom Bugnitz's specialties include business and organization transformation through information systems, information systems organization management, technology planning, the impact of new and emerging technologies, the impact of technology on business strategies, information systems operations, strategic systems applications, and leadership for executives.

Mr. Bugnitz has lectured widely on these subjects and has codeveloped methodologies in these areas. In addition, he is closely associated with Washington University in St. Louis and participates actively in the development and execution of research in the field of Information Management. He is coauthor of several books on computers and computer programming. Since 1974, he has worked in the field of business and information management. He has consulted around the world with numerous companies and government organizations.

Mr. Bugnitz brings practical experience to bear on his consulting and teaching assignments, having worked at all levels of information systems organizations, including 10 years managing large data centers and telecommunications operations. He has also served as an expert witness in the field of software acquisition and development.