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January 2014

Herding a Hurricane: Implementing and Managing API Programs

"Over the last couple of decades, the humble API has reinvented its role in the IT and business landscape, jostling for a starring role in some of the most disruptive and transformative phenomena we’ve witnessed emerge."

-- Joseph Feller, Editor

April 2013

IT Budgeting in 2013: Are We Finally Back on Track?

"The CBR budget issue really stands out, as we benefit not only from a very consistent survey but also from having two authors -- one from academia and one from industry -- who have been with us for the entire journey."

-- Joseph Feller, Editor

March 2013

Another Look at Real-Time Data: Opportunities, Challenges, and Readiness


"This issue of CBR just works. First, we have a fresh set of data, made more useful by the fact that we can compare it historically to a previous survey. Second, we have a solid 'bird's eye' view of the DDS space through the high-level conceptual framework articulated by Federico and Gabe. And, third, we have a very pragmatic 'nuts and bolts' view of the same space from Manjunath."

-- Joseph Feller, Editor


February 2013

Achieving an Agile Organizational Mind

"In embracing Agile data analytics, we seek to do nothing more or less than create a nimble organizational mind."

-- Joseph Feller, Editor

January 2013

IT Trends in 2013: A Fresh Spring Perspective

"No matter what goals your company has set or planned for 2013 -- a clean end game for an ongoing set of initiatives, an accelerated start for new ones, radical changes, or battening down the hatches -- now is the time to take stock and turn plans into action."

-- Joseph Feller, Editor