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Detailed, survey-based statistics and analysis from Cutter's thought leaders on the initiatives and programs organizations are implementing today.

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April 2012

IT Budgeting: Managing the Cost and Value of IT

"By running a more or less consistent survey each year, we have the opportunity to not only ‘take the pulse’ of the budgeting activity in the current year, but also to acquire a longitudinal view by comparing the current year’s results with the past."

-- Joseph Feller, Editor

March 2012

Putting Real-Time Data Streams to Work

This CBR issue is motivated by the following trend: the ability to access and analyze data as it's created in real (or near real) time. This issue's articles work particularly well together. Federico and Elisabetta help draw our attention to the higher-level question of value creation; a question every organization must tackle. After all, real-time data analytics is difficult and expensive and organizations need to know that they will earn a return on their investment. Zubin then grounds us with some excellent advice and insight around implementing and managing real-time data analytics. Regardless of where you are along the real-time data analytics path, I trust both the survey data and articles in this issue will serve you well.

February 2012

Managing the Mobile Enterprise: It's a Balancing Act

"Continual miniaturization of computing, sustained demand and innovation in the mobile telephony space, and a maturing global infrastructure have all converged to land us squarely in the era of ubiquitous computing and connectivity."

-- Joseph Feller, Editor

January 2012

IT Trends for 2012: Social, Mobile, Virtual, and Ready to Get to Work

"We have the opportunity here not only to 'take the pulse' of the IT industry on various topics -- adoption levels, HR activities, IT management strategies, and more -- but also to compare this year's snapshot with the past six years, giving us insight into the ever-changing landscape of business technology."

-- Joseph Feller, Editor