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February 2011

Strategic IT Planning: Making the Most of Limited (and Valuable!) Resources

"Thinking in a disciplined fashion about how your IT shop is going to deploy the resources it owns and those it seeks to control is not only a very difficult conceptual exercise, but one that often feels like a waste of time."

-- Gabriele Piccoli, Editor

January 2011

IT Trends for 2011: Moving Forward After a Tough Year

"In this issue we examine the range of IT developments that have either surfaced or endured in the past year and look back across previous years to see how the technology landscape is evolving."

-- Gabriele Piccoli, Editor

October 2010

The Social Media Challenge: How Do We Meet It?

"With the wide-ranging accessibility that is at the very core of social media, both individuals and businesses are finding all the possibilities provided by the available technologies to be a bit of a double-edged sword: offering both tremendous opportunity and extreme challenge."

-- Gabriele Piccoli, Editor

September 2010

Kanban for Project Management: Should We Buy In?

"Keeping operations humming along in the face of change and (sometimes) major budget crunches and keeping business practices current and in line with industry practices and technology progress are perhaps the greatest ongoing challenges we face.”

-- Gabriele Piccoli, Editor

August 2010

Changing Workforce Demographics: Making the Most of the New Generation

"The better we understand how to make use of the unique talents of this up-and-coming generation, the more innovation and creativity we can expect to unlock and take advantage of as we build successful business relationships with its members."

-- Gabriele Piccoli, Editor