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June 2010

Mobile Privacy and Security: The Next Frontier of IT Risk Management

"Given the unabated trends toward continued miniaturization, connectivity, and battery longevity, it is undeniable that mobile security and privacy are only going to grow in importance."

-- Gabriele Piccoli, Editor

May 2010

E-Learning Platforms: Using the Past to Proceed to the Future

"Effective e-learning remains in many instances a mystery. For this reason, we invited two knowledgeable contributors on the subject to reflect on e-learning’s key difficulties and limitations."

-- Gabriele Piccoli, Editor

April 2010

Project Management: Facing and Engaging in Reality

"Project management -- particularly project management in the context of agile development -- remains an area of interest as well as an area where clear guidelines and direction are still severely lacking."

-- Gabriele Piccoli, Editor

March 2010

Web 2.0 Revisited: Mapping the Evolution of the Phenomenon

"It is when the buzz subsides that the real work actually begins and those serious enough to stick to an innovation when it is no longer fashionable truly begin to understand how to wring value from it and begin to obtain results."

-- Gabriele Piccoli, Editor