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fog edge

Fog/Edge Computing: Opportunities, Case Studies, Challenges — Opening Statement

by Cutter Consortium

This issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal offers perspectives from seven authors on fog/edge computing to bring some sunlight to the challenges, benefits, and possible uses of these emerging technologies.


Flying Through the Fog: Aerial Drones in Supply Chain Delivery

by Charles Byers, by Katalin Bartfai Walcott

The authors address the criteria for operating unmanned aerial vehicles, or “aerial drones,” in a fog architecture. The use of drones in supply chain delivery offers faster, more cost-effective delivery but also poses myriad concerns, ranging from collision to security risks, as well as regulatory concerns.

fog architecture

Fog Computing: Securing the Intelligent Edge in Next-Generation Networks

by Frank Michaud, by John Zao

The OpenFog Reference Architecture for fog computing has emerged as a highly credible paradigm for architecting compute-intensive solutions for networks and applications that utilize IoT, 5G, and artificial intelligence. In this article, we’ll examine how fog architecture addresses cybersecurity for next-generation networks.

craft beer

Fog in the Smart Factory: Optimizing Production for Perishable Goods Manufacturing

by Ken Hatano

This article illustrates how fog computing can reduce waste, improve product quality and consistency, and create a digital twin of difficult-to-replicate processes through a hypothetical example of a craft brewery.

Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash

Protecting Tomorrow's Critical Infrastructure

by Catherine Bischofberger

In a world where cyber threats are becoming ubiquitous, being able to apply a specific set of international standards combined with a dedicated and worldwide certification program, is one of the best ways of ensuring long-term cyber protection of critical infrastructure.

cloud computing

A Cloud Close to the Ground: Reflections from the Fog World Congress

by Claude Baudoin

After a brief introduction describing cloud, fog, and edge computing, Cutter Senior Consultant Claude Baudoin provides an overview, along with his insights, of the panels and discussions at the recent Fog World Congress.

Frank Contrepois

Measuring DevOps for Execs

by Frank Contrepois

While the name DevOps points toward a merger of the role of the developer (creating software) and operations (making software run), this is not really the case. What DevOps does is automate as much as possible the work of operation, and in a way that is comfortable and usable by developers.

Executive Update

AI & Machine Learning in the Enterprise, Part IV: How Do AI Technologies Rank?

by Curt Hall

Cutter Consortium is conducting a series of surveys on how organizations are adopting, or planning to adopt, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. We also seek to identify important issues and other considerations they are encountering or foresee encountering in their efforts. Here in Part IV, we look at survey findings concerning the various AI technologies organizations are interested in adopting.