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Boost business success via insights on emerging trends in digital transformation and IT strategy; practical frameworks you can apply; and guidance from the world’s experts in leadership, IaaS, investment prioritization, operational excellence, sustainable innovation, change management, enterprise agility, and applying emerging technologies.

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Executive Update

The Data-Agile Approach for Enterprise-Class Data Integration

by Larissa Moss

This Executive Update presents a Data-Agile approach designed to apply most Agile principles to a robust soup-to-nuts spiral data integration methodology that includes all the data management activities crucial for enterprise-class data integration projects. 


The Smart Supply Chain

by Borys Stokalski, by Bogumil Kaminski, by Przemyslaw Szufel

Things that are manufactured need to be handled in the supply chain all the way from basic components down to the finished product arriving at the customer’s doorsteps or shop shelves. But as those “things” become smarter, the physical value chains and information processes converge.


Get a Backbone! How to Consistently Execute Digital Transformation Projects

by Gustav Toppenberg

In this on-demand webinar, Cutter Senior Consultant Gustav Toppenberg explores how a powerful digital backbone can facilitate rapid innovation and responsiveness — keys to successful digital transformation.

Vittorio Cretella

The CIO and the Holistic Business Case for Cloud Migration

by Vittorio Cretella

CIOs and their teams must make sure the business case for cloud migration is aligned with key business priorities, and that their migration plan addresses a few fundamental key success factors.

Whynde Kuehn
Executive Update

The Next-Generation Business Architect: The Bright Future Ahead

by Whynde Kuehn, by Mike Clark

In this Executive Update, we explore some of the truths about the business architect role, potential focuses for the role, career path options, and what the future holds for a discipline that finds itself at the heart of business and technology change.

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Executive Update

HALO: The Human Augmented Learning Organization

by Deepak Bagchi, by Namratha Rao, by Jagdish Bhandarkar

This Executive Update discusses the thinking behind employing artificial intelligence (AI) in an organization through “augmenta­tion.” It presents a case study on how a superregional bank implemented a cogni­tive contact center by using an AI framework called HALO — Human Augmented Learning Organization —  and showcases the meaning of “AI as a practice” within an organization.

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Core Thinking Patterns for Lean/Agile Organizations

by Srinivas Garapati

Srinivas Garapati explores important philosophies and the mindset behind Agile and Lean. He starts with the thinking patterns required to be successful. He then considers the nature of an Agile organization and finishes with strategies for organizational design.

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The Wizard of OSS: Follow the Open Space and Sociocracy Road to Enterprise Agile Transformation

by Jutta Eckstein, by John Buck

Jutta Eckstein and John Buck walk us through an enterprise-aware approach that helps optimize the process flow of value streams. The authors show how to apply “Open Space” and “Sociocracy” to support enterprise Agile transformation. Open Space is a technique where everyone is invited to put forward ideas that they’re passionate about; if there is enough interest in the idea people will get behind it and make it happen. Sociocracy is a form of democracy for use in organizations, building feedback mechanisms into the organizational structure itself that ensure every voice is heard. Both strategies promote enterprise awareness, increasing collaboration between people in what would normally be disparate parts of the organization and helping optimize flow as the situation evolves.