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Summit 2015 centered on change and the business technology relationship. We looked at the big picture issues you need to wrap your head around -- creating resilient teams, the hyper-transparency that's brought an epic change in the meaning of security and risk, what your workforce will look like in the not-very-distant future, and the new ways business and IT really can work in sync. Sessions on aligning architects within the organization, a next-generation framework for software development, and serious games gave attendees tools they could put to work right away to achieve organizational goals. Small-group roundtables on project portfolio management, team effectiveness, and agile lifecycle management allowed them to drill down where they needed to.

Program At-A-Glance

Monday 4 May 2015

Sheila Q. Cox

Building Teams that will Thrive Through Any Organizational Change

Keynote by Sheila Q. Cox, followed by panel discussion

Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortium

Steve Andriole

When Business & Technology Finally Marry

Keynote by Steve Andriole, followed by panel discussion

Cutter Fellow; Thomas G. Labrecque Professor of Business Technology at Villanova University

Tom Grant

Serious Games in Action

Interactive Learning Exercise with Tom Grant

Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortium


Evening Cocktail Party

Unwind and socialize with the speakers and your fellow attendees while enjoying some of Boston's tastiest regional specialties.

Tuesday 5 May 2015

Tom Grant

Application Lifecycle Management

Roundtable Discussion with Tom Grant

Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortium

Maximizing Team Effectiveness

Roundtable Discussion with Robert Scott

Cutter Fellow

Darren Meister

Could a "Technology Issue" Take Your Organization Down?

Case Study with Darren Meister

Associate Professor of General Management (Entrepreneurship and Innovation), Ivey Business School

Rob Austin

Managing in the Age of Radical Transparency

Keynote by Rob Austin

Cutter Fellow; Professor of Managing Creativity and Innovation at the Copenhagen Business School

Exploring Infrastructure as a Service

Panel Discussion with Vince Kellen

Cutter Fellow

Lightning Talks

Hosted by Lou Mazzucchelli

Cutter Fellow

Wednesday 6 May 2015

The 21st Century Workforce

Roundtable Discussion with Vince Kellen

Cutter Fellow

Project Portfolio Management

Roundtable Discussion with Johanna Rothman

Cutter Senior Consultant

CIO Roundtable

Forum with Ken Morris

Cutter Senior Consultant

Israel Gat
Murray Cantor

The Best of All Worlds: An Integrative Framework for Software Development

Workshop with Israel Gat and Murray Cantor

Director and Senior Consultant, Cutter Agile Product and Project Management Practice

Bill Ulrich

Business Architecture

Workshop with Bill Ulrich

Cutter Senior Consultant

Iterative Development Strategies for Business Intelligence Projects

Workshop with Lynn Winterboer

Cutter Senior Consultant

The Heroic Learner: Courage, Compassion, and Confidence for the 21st Century

Keynote by Diana Larsen

Cutter Senior Consultant


One-on-One Discussions

Summit meeting room is open to continue conversations or discuss specific challenges with Cutter's experts.

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