From keynote sessions to panel debates, every session is interactive and energetic. Learn from the presenters, as well as from your peers. Share your ideas and experiences.

You likely have less time than ever as you deal with disruption on every front. But that’s all the more reason to seize the opportunity to spend two days, thinking strategically & brainstorming with expert academics, industry thought leaders & executives from diverse industries, who are outside your normal circle of advisors.

At Summit 2022, you'll discover how your organization can succeed with the explosion of challenges that compete for attention, talent and resources — from sustainability goals to advancing AI/ML capabilities, protecting against ransomware attacks to achieving organizational agility, honing leadership skills to seizing convergence opportunities, accelerating DEI and innovation to Web3, and addressing the geopolitical & public health upheavals that are impacting supply chains and markets. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of what is essential in leadership, culture, and strategy, and the nuanced relationship between these factors that is so critical to success today.



Meeting the Sustainability Challenge:
Leading Business, Serving Society

Exponential Innovation:
Breaking Mental Models

Andrew Hoffman

Prof. Andrew Hoffman, Keynote Speaker

This keynote will challenge you to think differently about your organization and you own career — its purpose, and its value as a calling or vocation, one that is in service to society. The solutions to the environmental and social challenges we face will come from visionary and service-oriented leaders, as well as business strategies built on commitment to achieving positive change via pioneering solutions to global problems. Prof. Hoffman will look at sustainable business as it has been practiced, is being practiced and what form it is taking for the future.

Panel discussion follows with Andrew Hoffman, Cynthia Clark, Neil C. Hawkins, and Ellis Jones

Michael Roberto

Prof. Michael Roberto, Keynote Speaker

During this interactive experience, Prof. Michael Roberto will teach you about iterative problem solving. Learn, first-hand, why our brains aren’t wired for iteration and what you can do to foster experimentation and what you can do to change your organization’s ability to innovate.

Management Simulation: Cyber Attack!

Diversity is a Sprint; Equity and Inclusion are Marathons

Robert Austin

Prof. Robert Austin, Keynote Speaker

In this award-winning simulation created Prof. Robert Austin, you’ll play the role of CTO at a company in the midst of a cyber attack. How will you determine priorities? What decisions will you make to reinforce data preservation? This exercise will reinforce the importance of crisis preparedness and challenge you to navigate the complexities of a crisis and communicate in a fast-paced environment.

Robert Scott

Robert D. Scott, Keynote Speaker

As a former technology industry executive and current VP responsible for the development of Black and Latinx technology professionals, Cutter Fellow Robert D. Scott is uniquely positioned to share insights into the hiring, retention, and advancement myths that are pervasive in the corporate world. He explains why the needle is not moving, and asks, “What needs to happen to truly make a system change this time, versus the many previous attempts?”

Convergence: What It Means for Your Industry/Business

How to Transform Decision Making with Machine Learning-Driven Predictive Tools

Craig Wylie
Craig Wylie, Keynote Speaker

Discover how convergence — the blurring of industry and market boundaries — is creating opportunities, as well as threats, for organizations and industries of every kind. You'll hear case studies from those in the throes of convergence and have the opportunity to discuss options to  and responding to shifting markets.

Case studies presented by Abha Dogra, Frances Paulisch, Kamran Ziaee

Michael EidenGreg Smith
Michael Eiden and Greg Smith, Technology Forum Presenters

In this session, you’ll learn about a new approach, powered by leading-edge machine learning (ML) technology, that can greatly enhance prediction and forecasting. Discover how to integrating data from hundreds of sources and combine it with your company’s internal data for context-specific, customized forecasts and predictions to support decision making.

Lightning Talks

Key to the Agile Enterprise Transformation: Catalytic Leaders

Lou Mazzucchelli

Lou Mazzucchelli, Summit Moderator

Every Summit participant is invited to submit a topic for consideration in this perennial favorite Summit session. Lightning Talks concisely present a single strategy, technique, success, challenge, etc. relating to one of the Summit sessions or themes. It's a great time to brag — and it's an equally great time to present a problem and ask the group for ideas! Think of it as a no-pressure conversation starter in front of a very supportive audience — we highly suggest participating!

Jon Ward

Jon Ward, Management Forum Presenter

Discover — from lessons drawn from the Agile focus on the power of teams, where what’s required of managers is not “management,” but leadership — what is involved in fostering and leading an organization that can pivot fast, respond to challenges, innovate continuously, and where both people and the enterprise can flourish. 

Culture versus Strategy: What Leaders Need to Know

Energy Leadership: Thrive, Don't Just Survive

Carla Ogunrinde

Eric Van den Steen, Keynote Speaker

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast, every day." Is that really true? And if so, what are the implications for strategy and for leaders steering their companies through a fast-changing environment? In this session, Harvard Business School Professor Eric Van den Steen will discuss how strategy and culture interact.

Carla Ogunrinde

Carla Ogunrinde, Work Group Presenter

Explore the science behind the thoughts, feelings, and patterns that drive our decisions, how they impact us, and how they impact those around us. Learn how to become a curious explorer, unafraid of change and better equipped to find and use the levers that propel you forward and disrupt the triggers that drain you.

Web3: Blockchain, Metaverse, DAOs, NFTs — Are You Ready?


Shahid Khan

Shahid Khan, Roundtable Moderator

Explore how the new world of Web3 with Blockchain, Virtual Worlds and Virtual Economies are poised to impact your market and enterprise in this roundtable discussion. Learn how these developments will change the way customers interact with your products and your company, offering new market opportunities, and presenting potential threats.






"The Summit is intimate, interactive, brain teasing and stimulating. The topics presented are relevant, based on deep research, spot on! and delivered by presenters second to none."

— Susan Boyea, Vice President, Shared Services, IT Sagicor Financial Corp.

"The level of the event is phenomenal — not only the keynoters, but also the participants."

— José Núñez, Chief Information Officer, Altta Holmes