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The Cutter Edge: Adapting to Next Software Frontier, Mastering Sustainable Software, Blockchain Trends Webinar, Digital Shift

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3 December 2019

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How Should Leaders Adapt to the Next Frontiers in Software?

What do changes and developments in the software industry mean for senior leaders and managers? Explore several steps they need to take to avoid the curse of ignoring the need for transformation that afflicted incumbents like Borders and Blockbuster. Read on!

Mastering Sustainable Software Evolution

Sustainability means bringing new functionality to the market while keeping your underlying software assets healthy and nimble. This requires data-driven design and decision making that balances commercial and technical con­siderations. Find out what is needed in terms of data, design, and decisions!

What's Up-and-Coming with Blockchain?

In this webinar with Karolina Marzantowicz, you'll discover the latest blockchain trends and how they are being leveraged to bring more innovation and efficiency to the financial services, banking, and additional markets. Register now!

Call for Papers: Digital Shift

A successful digital transformation takes more than just adopting the latest tool or technology. Taking a holistic approach — a digital shift — is imperative. An upcoming issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal will examine the key considerations required to support and implement a digital shift. Send article ideas!

Is Software Eating the World?

Explore the fundamental challenges facing organizations today in their efforts to transform into software organizations, including strategies for unlocking full value-creating potential. Order this issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal and Save 20% with Coupon Code "software-20."

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