On-demand Webinar

Advances in blockchain technology have been unwavering. Thanks to a slew of current and emerging trends, blockchain is now viewed as a mature and accessible technology and business solution for those seeking to make transactions with greater security, transparency, speed, efficiency, and cost savings.

In this Cutter Consortium webinar, Karolina Marzantowicz, Guest Editor of the Cutter Business Technology Journal issue Blockchain: New Industry Trends, Developments, Use Cases, reveals some of the new blockchain-based innovations — such as the growth of global blockchain consortiums, stablecoins, digital currencies, new service offerings from big tech giants, and decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms — that are revolutionizing the banking and finance industry by transforming both the business and consumer experience in positive ways.

She addresses questions including:

  • What new apps are being built on blockchain technology?
  • What current decentralized technologies are merging for more impact? How are decentralized technologies for secure multiparty computation beyond blockchain being used?
  • What factors will contribute to the success or failure of the token economy?

… and more, including the all-important question: What other industries are benefiting from blockchain technology?

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